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Wash Trench

Precast wash trench systems

Wash Trench offers innovation for the car wash installation industry. Our pre-fabricated concrete drainage system for car washes drastically reduces installation and construction times.


Traditional wash trench drains, which are the backbone of the wash, we're poured on site and were very inconsistent in quality, depending on weather conditions and the ability of the workforce. Our Wash Trench components are individual poured at our manufacturing facility and transported to the installation location. Using steel forms we precast the sections and assemble them on the construction site like puzzle pieces.

In doing this, our system shortens the process from longer than a day to several hours or a single day and significantly decreased the variables involved with pouring on-site.

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255' Wash Trench Installation - Houston, TX

This video shows a drone view of wash trench installation. This large car wash is part of a very large retail/fuel site, Buc-ee's. Weather can often delay a "pour in place" project for days. However, with wash trench, this project was still completed well within the 2 day window allowed, despite a heavy rain storm. You will see the first dirt removed to the last section set and some of the install process in between.

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