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Our Environment

Bee Clean Cares About Our Environment!

Bee Clean Car Wash is dedicated to protecting our local environment. When you wash your car at Bee Clean you benefit the environment because contaminants such as oils, heavy metals and toxic chemicals are captured during the wash process and prevented from entering storm drains and local waterways.


Water Conservation

Commercial car washing is the "greenest" way to wash your car. Our fine-tuned car wash machinery and pumps are calibrated to deliver the best car wash using the least water. We are constantly improving our car washes meaning our water reclamation systems uses less and recycles even more water!

Through our water saving system, our professional car washes promote water conservation and environmental protection. Also, we are committed to educating consumers about our environmentally responsible business practices.

A large percentage of our water is filtered and reused in subsequent washes. This means we use less water overall, and since it's cleaned before it touches your car, you get the same great clean!

Through our innovative techniques, we use an average of no more than 25 gallons of fresh water per car!


Electricity Conservation

We limit our electricity consumption with a custom-designed system that uses as little energy as possible to power our equipment. All of our equipment uses low horsepower (hp) - with no motors over 20 hp. While most car wash dryers are well over 100hp and go upwards to 200hp, Bee Clean dryers are only 15hp. Our water pump and vacuum systems were also designed to conserve energy. We have two vacuum systems and two pumps. Instead of both of each working all the time, we only turn on the second one when the volume of vehicles makes it necessary.


Natural Gas Conservation

Bee Clean Car Wash utilizes the most efficient hot water systems in the industry. Our system allows us to maximize every BTU out of the natural gas allowing us to heat our cleaning soaps which allows for a reduction in chemical usage which is also a benefit to the environment.